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Merchants Apply Online Now Quick Approval! or Call Now! (941) 417-9800
Merchants Apply Online Now Quick Approval! or Call Now! (941) 417-9800
Our Financial Partners
Your Financial Institution can profit from all merchant accounts boarded by us. Choose the program that works for you: ongoing revenue share, residual/royalty payments, or our flexible buy-rate program, Including an initial equipment placement fee. You will have full access to detailed information on your customers that sign up with us for sales and overall portfolio trending.
As part of our agreement we do customized marketing programs to your clients.
We believe merchants should not be locked in on any lease or have to pay for any initial startup of credit card equipment in today’s competitive market. We do not charge for the first and in some cases the 2nd terminal or credit card reader for either in store or mobile processing and still provide the most competitive rates available. We are willing to provide a “free cost comparison” to show we can give your customers the best program and rates. We provide free training and follow up to make sure every employee is trained on the equipment.  

Remember the song “She’s Not There” by The Zombies?  We believe that consistency is key when your referring your customers to us and that we need to support your organizations efforts in every way possible. We will work with your team to help make your customers comfortable working with us, and for them to know we will do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it, and be there when it counts.
We will provide a 100% credit on all issues not resolved in 24 hours that is our fault     
above any normal credit given.
You get a secure, reliable and competitive payment processor with Total Merchant Services of Florida. We know the payments landscape is changing faster than ever. Our payment processing solutions are designed to work everywhere your customers do.Your business owners have to keep up with all the new mobile payment solutions and other ways to pay and have to keep their customers’ payment information safer. Safeguarding payment data can be expensive and confusing, which is where we can help.
We offer in-store, online and mobile payment solutions that are fast, convenient and affordable. We provide cutting-edge technology with focus on security solutions that can help protect their business from credit card counterfeit fraud and reduce the risk of loss associated with data breaches. Let Total Merchant Services of Florida with our PCI/DDS equipment assist them with their data security, so they can enjoy more security confidence when it comes to payment processing.
Our Customer Support Staff lead by Steve Marcum Co-Owner.
Total Merchant Services of Florida is supported by our team of Customer Service and Technical Support Staff. As the Co-Owner of Total Merchant Services of Florida, I always work on behalf of our customers to make sure their transactions are processed and funded to their expectations.

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